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Ron Barry, PhD, CFP®

CEO and Founder, Chief Operations and Financial Officer, Principal Member

Ron Barry, PhD, CFP® is a Principal Co-Owner, the CEO, COO, and a Financial Planner and Investment Advisor with Willamette Financial Advisors, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor firm registered with the SEC. Ron provides Financial Planning Services with emphasis on investments, wealth management, and retirement. Most of Ron’s clients are health care professionals (doctors, nurses, and dentists), teachers, small business owners, and retirees residing in the Pacific NW, but he also has nationwide clientele ranging from Hawaii to North Carolina. Ron also serves as an investment advisor to 401(k) retirement plans sponsored by small businesses and non-profit organizations. Lastly, Ron enjoys community involvement by providing pro bono advisory services to victims of domestic abuse as well as wounded and disabled military veterans.

Ron firmly believes that retirement plan sponsors should only work with investment and financial advisors who adhere to the Fiduciary Standard. Notably, most registered Financial Advisors are only held to the “Suitability” standard–that is, they must provide financial and investment advice that is “suitable” for their individual clients. In contrast, Financial Advisors with a CFP® Certification are held to the much higher Fiduciary Standard: that of acting in the best interests of their clients. At Willamette Financial Advisors our Advisors’ adherence to this Fiduciary Standard is further strengthened by a commitment to providing quality financial planning and wealth management services at reasonable costs, often well below this financial services industry’s standards.

While originally from Idaho, Ron and his wife permanently moved to Oregon in 1986, where they raised two daughters. Ron spent many years as a biomedical research scientist with the Department of Veterans Affairs, and then began his career as a Financial Advisor and Planner in 2003. During pre-COVID-19 times Ron and his wife enjoyed family time, national and international traveling, hiking, and golf. They look forward to resuming their favorite activities in the post-pandemic years to come, as does everyone!

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